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I have many sets of instructions for working on the Perazzi guns - e-mail me below for your needs.

--- I accept VISA, M/C, & Discover. Checks only upon pre-approval ---

---- Due to the many changes in model design, a call would ensure proper part(s) to order ----

---> The Kolar Gun Schematics I removed from trapshooters.com are free for the asking or are $10 on CD - Too big to email <---

I make every attempt to ship as quickly and cheaply as possible. I do NOT exploit my customers with high shipping charges.

Many of the below items are downloadable pictures, schematics, and PDF files - Help yourself!


---Even if it is not listed, I can usually get it from Preazzi Italy on special order---

  • Perazzi - MX/MT/MS Parts Price List... 2016
  • Perazzi - TM1/S/X Parts Price List....... 2016
  • Perazzi - TM9 Parts Price List.............. 2016
  • Perazzi Guns and Accessories 2014 Prices - Trap/Skeet/Sporting
  • Perazzi - TM1/TMS/TMX 100% Refurbished Trigger Assembly For Sale

  • KOLAR - For the Kolar guys, the CD of all the files I have listed - $10.00

  • Perazzi Spring Tool, New Design in conjunction with J&P $35.00

  • Perazzi - CD of Instructions and Schematics - $10.00

  • Perazzi - Rebuild Kits

  • Perazzi - Perazzi Stock Tool-Genuine

  • Perazzi - Recognizing bad firing pins

  • Perazzi - OLD vs. NEW Hammers, and why you should NOT use old style bottom barrel firing pins

    --- I N S T R U C T I O N S and S C H E M A T I C S ---

  • Perazzi - SCHEMATIC - MX8 and all removable trigger guns - easier to read
  • Perazzi - SCHEMATIC - TM1 / TMS / TMX shotguns
  • Perazzi - SCHEMATIC - TM9-TM9X Schematic - new 2016
  • Perazzi - SCHEMATIC & Part Descriptions - TM & MX8 Models With Detachable Triggers
  • Perazzi - SCHEMATIC - MT6, DB81, MS80 Models Without Detachable Triggers (new easier to read 2014)
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing Ejectors
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing Hammers
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing Firing Pins
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing TM Hammer Spring Coils
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: TM Top Lever Coil Spring & Action BLock Replacement
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing TM Ejector Coils Springs
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing / Installing New Ejector(s) TM1/TMX
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Ejector Problems - Replacing Ejector Trip Rods
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing/Removing & Reinstalling Trigger Lock Plate Guide
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Changing MX/MT/DB Top Levers, Lever Springs, Guides, and other items
  • Perazzi - INSTRUCTIONS: Removing a Trigger Housing from the MT6 / MS80 / GA1 / DB81 / MX7 Non-Detachable Trigger guns (new 2016 instructions)
  • Perazzi - Italian Gun Year Manufacture Information
  • Perazzi - Video on How To Change Hammer Springs... click here (be patient while it load)
  • Perazzi - Whiz-Nut(tm) Recoil Pad Anchoring System Permitting Pad Removal and Re-Install

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    --- Please note that I do not offer on-line ordering. There are just too many variations in parts applications that we need to talk about your model. ---

  • Berlin-Wannsee Choke Patterning Method, Page 1
  • Berlin-Wannsee Choke Patterning Method, Page 2
  • Gun Holds & Eye Focus Area Edited PDF File
  • Proper Foot Stance Diagram RH Shooters
  • Who is Jim anyway
  • Liability Waiver & Instructions Download Required for ANY Trigger Work or Trigger Sales

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