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  • Perazzi - MX-MT-MS Parts Price List
  • Perazzi - TM1-TMS-TMX-TMXS Parts Price List
  • Perazzi - TM9 Schematic
  • Perazzi - Guns & Accessory Prices
  • Perazzi MANUFACTURE DATE: Gun Year Manufacture Information for MX guns
  • Perazzi MANUFACTURE DATE: Gun Year Manufacture Information for MT & TM
  • Perazzi - Coil Hammer Spring Tool

  • Perazzi - Thumb Drive of *ALL* Instructions & Schematics, may or may not have logo

  • Perazzi - Rebuild Kits

  • Perazzi - Genuine New Stock Tool

  • Perazzi - Recognizing bad firing pins

  • Perazzi - OLD vs. NEW Hammers; be careful

    --- I N S T R U C T I O N S and S C H E M A T I C S ---

  • Perazzi SPRING INFO-Top Lever Return Spring Types

  • Perazzi 3 Top Lever Trip Designs

  • Perazzi TM & Older MX Top Lever Lock Styles

  • Perazzi TM Ejector Styles

  • Perazzi SCHEMATIC: TM9/TM9X shotguns Parts & Schematic (new)
  • Perazzi SCHEMATIC: TM1/TM/TMX shotguns
  • Perazzi SCHEMATIC: MX8 and all Removable Trigger Guns
  • Perazzi SCHEMATIC: Models with Non-Removable Triggers (new 2017)
  • Perazzi SCHEMATIC: Mirage, MX1-MX2-MX3-MX4-DB81
  • Perazzi SCHEMATIC & PARTS DESCRIPTIONS: TM & MX8 Models With Detachable Triggers
  • Perazzi MANUALS: I have a few of these new - $10.00 each includes postage to CONTUS

  • Perazzi DISCUSSION: Top Lever Pin and Spring Types (Old vs. New)
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing Ejectors
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing Hammers
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing Firing Pins
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing TM Firing Pin
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing TM Hammer Spring Coils
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: MX Action Block & Top Lever Springs Replacement
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: TM Action Block & Top Lever Springs Replacement
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing / Installing New Ejector(s) TM1/TMX
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Ejector Problems - Replacing Ejector Trip Rods
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing/Removing Trigger Plate Lock & Spring
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing/Removing & Reinstalling Trigger Lock Plate Guide
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Changing Top Levers, Springs, Guides, & Other Items
  • Perazzi INSTRUCTIONS: Removing Trigger Assembly from Non_Removable Trigger Guns
  • Perazzi VIDEO: How To Change Hammer Springs... click here (be patient while it load)
  • Perazzi Whiz-Nut(tm) Recoil Pad Anchoring System Permitting Pad Removal and Re-Install

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  • Berlin-Wannsee Choke Patterning Method, Page 2
  • Gun Holds & Eye Focus Area Edited PDF File
  • Who is Jim anyway

  • Liability Waiver & Instructions Download Required for ANY Trigger Work or Trigger Sales
  • My FFL should you need-you should not! It is unsafe for shipper to know contents!

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